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Universal Views TV's Production Department is developing a new production style dedicated to Soap Operas / Telenovelas. We are starting this new phase selecting 3 novels by prestigious authors: Alto Manhattan, Nelson Montero, Hollywood Small Town and Lost in the desert.


New York will be the scenario for Alto Manhattan, the first Latina soap opera fully filmed in Manhattan, with a local cast and crew. The city will be the protagonist of this new soap opera, and we’ll be showing another side of New York; the New York that conventional movies never show and tourists never visit. A passionate a unique love story as a main plot will catch the audiences, while showing us the everyday life of thousand of Latinos in the city that never sleep. Some of our characters live the American dream, others struggle to make ends meet, but all of them have something in common: they live and love New York, a tough but generous city that welcomes everyone with open arms.



Nelson Montero, based on the original novel “Volver a Morir” by ROSANA UBANELL is the first private detective with Latino heritage ever to lead a TV series in English and Spanish. Montero is a daring, funny, and street-wise – but somewhat scruffy – private investigator. His look is far removed from the usual detectives seen in similar TV series in this genre, but he captivates the audience with his peculiar charm. One of his great abilities is that he can imitate any Latin American accent, apart from speaking unorthodox English, despite being his first language.

The story location is set in Miami, but his cases will take Nelson to different locations all over America, Puerto Rico, México, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain, etc. Solving crime and delinquency are his favorite occupations and he goes wherever he is needed. Humor is a must in every episode –despite the seriousness of the cases he is working on- and tropical background music will fill the series and the warm nights of Miami



Some of the greatest Hollywood stars frOm the 50' and 60' were born and lived thier childhood in small towns all over America. What it meant for a small town kid to become a star? How they did it? How was their journey to Hollywood, from farms and hard working class families backgrounds?
We’ll be filming the American small towns where the greatest Hollywood golden age stars were born and lived, the Hollywood golden age heart and soul, with touching and revealing stories never told before. What’s left of those fabulous stars in their small towns? What’s their legacy? How were they back then?  This production escapes from old biography TV formats and becomes a much more alive, dynamic and entertaining production.
This is the experience of a group of urban young people surviving in on of the hardest deserts ever. These men and women-addicted to the new technologies- will live in the Mojave desert for 3 weeks, crossing it trough the mythical Route 66 and discovering another way of life, unplugged from the global world. The Mojave Desert is 124,000 km2 of rough nature filled with mysteries and legends, a place where the human essence is pure and silence surrounds you day and night. How this young people could handle it, being away form their usual commodities and luxuries? Would they be able t olive without Iphones, Ipads, Gps, Facebooks and Twitters? How it will be to discover another community, the Navajos, with their supernatural legends and sacred places?
This is a different and unique Docu–Reality filled with astonishing images, adventure and mysteries for the brave ones. “Sometimes men forget their origin, but nature doesn’t” Pablo Coelho







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