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UNIVERSAL VIEWS TV  has a distribution department that allowed the company to reach to a great number of countries and TV channels to distribute the productionsUVTV is associated with Grupo Coral Europa Spain -one of the tree most important distribution companies in Europe- and its Asiatic and African distribution network with a potential market in more than 65 countries. At the same time, UVTV distributes their products in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Our company has more than 300 hours of programming and 4,000 hours of digital footage available across a range of genres, such us Nature, Society, Science, Fiction, Series, etc. In this new phase, UVTV expanded its production to include Soap Operas and films. Our recognized experience producing content for Worldwide audiences brought us to work in every continent with TV channels such us TVE, Canal+, Digital Plus, ARTE, France 5, RAI, RTP, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Public Televisions of America, A&E Mundo, etc. 

In addition to documentaries, we also have available a total of 1,200 hours of high quality programs. We count with a unique and rich content that has been selected based in an extensive Marketing Digital study that showed with retail the needs and demands of the actual market. Our distribution department is focused on the specific goal to bring to audiences matters such as Lifestyle, Culture, Entertainment, Sports, Economy, Interviews, Food, Literature, Fashion, Beauty and Traveling.

(The videos in the catalog are low resolution samples, not final products)
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