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           New partnership with Grupo Parada reaching the Hispanic market in USA

Partnership Brings Culturally Relevant Content to Brands Targeting US Hispanic Market


 We are proud today to announce a partnership between Universal Views Productions and Grupo Parada to provide the best digital solutions for brands targeting the U.S. Hispanic market.

In exclusive partnership GP will work with UVP’s base of Hispanic talent and expertise to produce culturally relevant original and branded content for their current roster of global brands. The combination of UVP and GP creates a large market-facing solution for advertisers and investors looking to reach the growing U.S. Hispanic market using short-form video.

This collaboration marks a turning point for brands looking to connect with Latino audiences. The ‘Total Market’ strategy that we’ve all heard about in the Hispanic media space for years is finally here. It’s no longer only the responsibility of those in multicultural disciplines to plan and execute against the Latino opportunity—everyone along the marketing value chain is interested in these capabilities. We are confident that this partnership will provide world-class Latino branded content and social amplification, and serve as a vehicle for any brand eager to reach today’s digital Latino consumer base.

Grupo Parada partners with institutions to undertake Hispanic direct marketing initiatives, from demand generation to closing the sale. Their Key Performance Indicators range from the reach and engagement of the Hispanic community, to the number of qualified leads and conversion of Hispanic prospect interactions into sales.

UVP continues to work with major global media companies in the traditional and digital entertainment space to provide solutions for the market thirsty for culturally relevant content in the United States, Latin America and Caribbean.


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